Sophisticakes Testimonials and Reviews

Best Bakery Near Philly!

These ladies know how to bake. Their cakes and cupcakes are amazingly flavorful, sweet enough without being overbearing, and have an amazing, moist but substaintial crumb (I don't love cakes that have such a light crumb that it doesn't feel like food in your mouth). I don't normally love banana (but I like it), and tried their banana cupcake today. Wow. Besides their obvious skill with a cake recipe, the icing was really masterful, again, sweet enough and with enough banana flavor to highlight rather than obliterate the cake. This skill is typical of all of the goods I have tried. Their apple strudel sells out often, so order yours before they run out. The texture is unbelievable, tender yet slightly chewy crumb, beautifully executed apple filling (and I don't love apple filling). Order your birthday or special occasion cake from them as well. I am trying a birthday cake for my one year old tomorrow. Doing everything I can NOT to eat it before the guests arrive. But that is what the banana cupcake was for :-)