Frequently Asked Questions - Cakes

Did we miss your question below?  Please contact us and we'll help the best we can.


Do you make pies? 

Ha Ha, a trick question. Actually, we do make pies. Fresh fruit pies through the  FALL AND WINTER holidays. Give us a call to see what we are baking today!!


Do you make red velvet cake?

Yes we do,  with a rich cream cheese icing!


Do you make a Tres Leches cake?

Yes, with strawberries or strawberries and peaches.


Do you make donuts

NO, but we will start to ,if enough customers ask us to!


Do you make sticky buns?

Yes!  We make ours with raisins or pecans.  They are always extra gooey.  Popular especially on the weekends, they sell out fast. Always made fresh and available in larger quantities during the holidays. Make them a tradition with your family!!


How long will my cake stay fresh?

We suggest serving your cake within 12 hours of pick-up. If you have any left overs we recommend covering with plastic wrap and, in warmer months refrigerate, as our cakes do not contain preservatives.

If you do need to refrigerate your cake, we suggest removing it from the refrigerator about 2 to 3 hours before serving.  Our cake is best served at room temperature.

During extremely hot weather we recommend keeping your cake in the refrigerator until serving time.


Can I freeze my cake?

Yes!  Our cakes freeze very well. We suggest keeping your cake in the bakery box and placing it in the freezer. Once cake is frozen take out of box, wrap in plastic wrap and place back in freezer. The day before serving, take cake out of freezer and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then remove from the fridge and serve at room temp. 


Will my cake make it all the way to the shore in the car?

Yes!  many of our customers travel with our cakes. SophistiCakes cakes are great to take to any destination!  Please notify us at the time of your order so we can allow for extra refrigeration.  We suggest NOT putting the cake in the trunk but close to at least one A/C vent.  In our experience, we have found that ice packs and coolers work well also.  This insures a more stable cake, for that long car ride!  You can still have your cake and eat it too....!


Can you make a cake look like my sister's favorite COACH bag?

Our decorators at SophistiCakes have made many amazing cakes!  We love making traditional cakes, but we  also love a good challenge. The sky's the limit with what we can create for your event.  Stop by, send us an e mail or give us a call with your thoughts and ideas.


What kind of icing do you make?

Our Buttercream icing is true buttercream, made with sugar, vanilla, milk and butter.

We make vanilla, chocolate, and cream cheese buttercream.  Our chocolate buttercream is made with Hershey's Cocoa, and our cream cheese buttercream is made with farm fresh cream cheese.

We also make an ITALIAN BUTTER CREAM, a lighter fluffy less sweet option.

Our vanilla buttercream is our most popular, but if you' feel like a change...try the chocolate ,cream cheese or Italian butter cream next time!


What are our famous" Case Cakes "?

Have you ever been stuck for a last minute cake??  No need to panic!  SophistiCakes has 8" and 10" single layer cakes available in our shop.   The 8" gives you up to 6 generous servings and the 10" will give you 10 to 12 generous servings.  They are pound, chocolate chip pound or double chocolate cake.  We bake, ice and decorate them, replenishing as needed throughout the day. Our case cakes are pre-decorated with room for us to personalize on-the-spot. Just stop in and we'll have you on your way with a fresh delicious cake.